My Portfolio

My Portfolio

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Here you can find all sorts of articles from the various projects ive been developing...
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An AI (Artificial Intelligence) simulation of a bee hive written in HTML5, Javascript using Three.js library.

A C++ Master / Slave application to generate & match MD5 hash strings using Brute Force.

Artwork for a party, worked in a flyer theme and built several images for the party.

Flyer production from existing image, added vectorization and custom colors.

Projected, designed and implemented a CISCO network for a production enviorment.

Restoring an old 30U rack, cleaning, sanding and repaint...

Implementing a JAVA application to replicate Conways's Game of Life

Implementing a C++ application with physics engine Bullet that replicated a Snooker (Pool) game.

CRM software tailored to the company needs.

Application to publish editions from production to remote web repo.

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